Smart for Democracy and Diversity (SDD)

Smart for Democracy and Diversity - Digital Education Concepts for Diversity and
Democratic Participation


Client / Funding programme:
Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
Smart for Democracy and Diversity – Digital Education Concepts for Diversity and Democratic Participation n° 2020-1-DE02-KA204-007447:

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Start and end dates:
12/2020 – 07/2023


AFEdemy role in the project:

AFEdemy will be mainly responsible for the research and policy contributions for The Netherlands and also for coordinating the development the interactive gaming training tool predicted in the project.

☐ Curriculum development
e-Learning Platform
☐ Networking
☐ Policy recommendation

Description (Context)

Digital Education Concepts for Diversity and Democratic Participation.

Democratic societies are based on the controversial and constructive discussion of issues. Civic education must address topics under discussion, work out fundamental differences of opinion and thus promote contradictions and critical thinking.

Both learners and adult educators must become aware of their perception of social discourses and its impact on personal attitudes and actions. A conscious approach to one’s own attitudes promotes emphatic and critical thinking, creates an understanding for marginalized positions, and strengthens the capability to reflect one’s attitudes.

By encouraging learners to develop their own assessment of issues, their self-determination is strengthened. Sound political positions and knowledge of debates and problems promote self-confident   positioning in social issues. Through the low-threshold access of the SDD project, this is also achievable for people at lower educational levels.


  • The project intends to promote shared values, equality, social inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination through a digital learning approach.
  • It aims at reducing disparities in accessing and engaging with educational offers that tackle discrimination, segregation and racism and support the integration of people with migrant background.
  • The integrated project approach further aims to establish sustainable links between organizations active in education, the welfare sector and policymaking including the local and regional level.

AFE Related Topics

☐ Outdoor spaces and buildings
☐ Social participation
☐ Transport and mobility
Social inclusion and non-discrimination
☐ Housing
☐ Civic engagement and employment
☐ Communication and information
☐ Community and health services


The Erasmus+ project started in December 2020 and runs until the end of July 2023.


The SDD project will address both direct and indirect target groups. Adult educators and learners are the primary direct target group. They will receive a free, high-quality educational offer and a framework for self-reflective discussion.

Another direct target group are policymakers and multipliers at political level. These are reached by a separate brochure.

Indirect target groups include people who have deficits in speaking and acting according to democratic principles and in tolerating diversity. As it is unlikely to reach them through measures of adult education, they require a confident counterpart making use of cogent arguments. But also, the broad public will benefit from the knowledge of learners when they act as multipliers for democratic ideas.


Project coordination

  • ISIS Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur gGmbH (Germany)

Project partners

  • Univerzita Karlova (Czech Republic)
  • Bildungsstätte Anne Frank (Germany)
  • AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe BV (The Netherlands)
  • Lunaria Associazione di promozione  sociale  e  impresa  sociale  (Italy)
  • AGE Platform Europe (Belgium)
  • Shine2Europe, LDA (Portugal)

Project results:

  • IO1 Code of practice “Experiencing Hate Speech: Responses, Coping Strategies, and Interventions”, testimonials and experience reports will be collected in form of national summaries and a European compendium, further-developing widely spread guides with arguments against right-wing populism.
  • IO2 Interactive learning platform with a learning game at its core that will be accompanied by a library and materials for adult educators, including a workshop curriculum, a trainer manual and a template for certificates, and for stakeholders at political level.
  • IO3 Workshop curriculum and trainer manual with instructions on how to make use of the game will be developed.
  • IO4 Recommendations for political decision-makers and associations on how to promote diversity and empathy for victims of racism and hate speech and to facilitate the usage of the game and the learning platform.

Other project results:

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