Hands-on SHAFE-project announced as best practice by Erasmus+

Hands-on SHAFE-project announced as best practice by Erasmus+

As coordinator of the Erasmus+ projects Hands-on SHAFE and BIG AFEdemy has received positive reviews. The Hands-on SHAFE project is even identified as a best practice by Erasmus+. Especially the review was quite positive regarding the high quality of the project results and because it generated impact at the European as well as an international level. BIG, on the other hand, is identified as a good practice in putting the target group first. In the final reports of the two projects some recommendations also were mentioned. These have been shared with the partners and will be considered for improvement of the current project and for future ones.

Hands-on SHAFE, Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments

Hands-on SHAFE aims to support facilitators to implement smart healthy age-friendly environments at local level. This project is one of the initiatives that led to the installation of the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly. This achievement would not have been possible without the cooperation of the project partners: Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra, TU Dublin, Politechnika Warsaw, Airelle, ISIS Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur gGmbH, and associated partners such as AGE Platform Europe, An Siol Community Development Project Cabra Dublin and Autonom’lab. All partners had a strong working relationship and involvement throughout the project. Some partners even continued cooperation in new projects, so they can further develop adequate adult education programs related to the SHAFE concept. Hands-on SHAFE delivered learning tools to implement smart inclusive environments. The project outputs contain training packages with 29 modules that demonstrate good quality, state-of-the-art content and learning strategy, good inter-activity with background information, assignments, tests, and quizzes. Certificates can also be obtained upon successful completion of the tests. These are made available to a wide audience on the discipline of innovativeness. High quality outputs and results are available in six partner languages and accessible through the website/learning platform.

BIG, Building Inclusive environments for all Generations

At BIG the partnership used a participative methodology to define the problems and suitable solutions for the characters in the play. Thanks to the great cooperation with SHINE 2Europe,  ISIS Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur gGmbH, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Foundation Mimo Wieku. The project is a good example of putting the target group first because BIG raises awareness for what challenged people in daily life experience in their social or physical living environments and why inclusive environments are necessary. The game and workshop manual also answers to the objective of increasing the understanding of professional and political stakeholders on options to improve the environments with affordable means that can positively impact the lives of the target groups. The workshop methodology includes a certificate and or proof of participation, for which models are provided. The project got the best of both worlds regarding academic and experiential knowledge. It has also benefitted the impact across fields. The game and the workshop methodology are made freely available on the internet, and AFEdemy guarantees their availability and update for ten years.

More information
If you would like to know more about the Hands-on SHAFE-project go to: hands-on-shafe.eu/en.

Would you like to learn how to implement SMART and Healthy BUILT environments in your community or to develop BUSINESS on SHAFE products and services? Go to: hands-on-shafe.eu/en/learn.

If you would like to know more about the BIG-project go to: big-game.eu.

Would you like to play the BIG-game? Go to: big-game.eu/big-game/.

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