AFC Toolkit delivers the first results!

AFC Toolkit delivers the first results!

Lucia Thielman

The Age-Friendly Toolkit project has, after a year of work, delivered the first project results. The project is a response on the increased life expectancy that will pose challenges for both age-friendly cities and educational systems in the years to come. Moreover stakeholders in vocational education and training (VET) concur on the fact that the demands of longevity and demographic transition require cultivating novel professional roles and skill sets. In response to these needs, the Age-Friendly toolkit project has formulated a training curriculum for a ground-breaking role: the “Reference Professional for Inclusive Ageing in Age-Friendly Cities” and produced a collection of accessible educational resources (learning content and educational app).

The first phase of the project aimed to develop the outline of the training curriculum for professionals who want to promote and develop age-friendly environments. In this first phase of the project the consortium has extensively consulted stakeholders through interviews and workshops. The result is a training curriculum consisting of six modules that cover topics such as age-friendly buildings, community support and facilitating social participation. In the next phase of the project the consortium will develop content for the training curriculum. An overview of all the modules can be found on our website through

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