Willeke Keynote speaker at APEC Conference in Taipei 2019.04.30

Willeke Keynote speaker at APEC Conference in Taipei 2019.04.30

On April 30th, Willeke van Staalduinen delivered a keynote speech at the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference in Taipei (Taiwan). The APEC conference on “Smart Healthcare for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and Their Risk Factors Prevention and Control” was organised by the Health Promotion Administration of Chinese Taipei (https://www.smarthealthcare4ncd.org/).

Willeke presented the demographic change that is taking place in the world, the negative and positive consequences from an economic point of view and the individual risk of older people on frailty, chronic diseases and falls.

The Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments stakeholders network aims to align the built environment with ICT to deliver solutions in co-creation to achieve more health, well-being and independent living. She presented several examples on how to realise impacts by aligning ICT and built environments regarding the social and physical environments and lifestyle of people. The presented solutions are not a copy/paste blueprint of one size fits all; they need to be tailor made for each local or regional context according to local wishes, culture and circumstances.

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