Publication of Digital Scouts Compendium

Publication of Digital Scouts Compendium

This publication features illustrative examples on the status quo concerning digital readiness of people aged 60+ in the European Union and aims to pave the way for further offers of digital literacy training for older people.   

Within this compendium, you will discover compelling good practice examples of digital participation in project partner’s countries – Austria, Germany, Portugal, Romania, and the Netherlands.  

The main goal of the compendium is to inspire municipal stakeholders, policymakers, organisations, and individuals to prioritise digital inclusion for older adults.  

Good practices are organised into key phases for achieving success:  

  • Identifying the target group and its needs,  
  • Designing with a participatory approach,  
  • Developing meaning and purpose,  
  • Empowering the target group, 
  • Accompanying the target group, 
  • Building societal impact.   

Download the English Compendium here. The Compendium has been translated into four languages: DutchGermanPortuguese, and Romanian

Stay tuned for more updates on this inspiring project that aims to make a difference in the “digital life” of older adults!

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