Comment on SHAFE’s Framing Paper

Comment on SHAFE’s Framing Paper

After all the research developed during this Summer and the valuable inputs so many of you provided through survey answers and personal interviews, it is our privilege to share with you the Framing Paper on Smart Healthy Age Friendly Environments (See pdf file).

The Framing Paper is fundamental for the Joint Statement that will be published mid-October so we really appreciate any comments or inputs you may have. You can send us your comments by email.

Based on the main contributions, we already anticipated the main recommendation areas in chapter 10 of this Framing Paper. These areas can also be commented and detailed, as this is part of the next steps to be developed.

Additionally, we would be very pleased if you share your comments with us before October 12th ultimately. Also we would appreciate if you send the framing paper to your partners and network to be commented as broadly as possible.

During the 2nd SHAFE webinar on October 2nd, 16.00-17.00 hours (CET), the framing paper will be presented and discussed. You can find the agenda, link and details in

You can also join us at Workshop 12 “Smart Healthy Age Friendly Environments and the role of caregivers in the deployment of ICT based approaches” in the AAL Forum in Bilbao – 25th October at 16 pm CET –

SHAFE will also make a short presentation (10´) at the posters area on Wednesday 26th at 13:40 during the lunch break!

For any other issue related to the Thematic Network SHAFE, feel free to contact Carina Dantas –  or Willeke van Staalduinen – 

The SHAFE’s Coordination Team.

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