AFEdemy celebrates its 3rd anniversary!

AFEdemy celebrates its 3rd anniversary!

Our ideal is to make society inclusive for everyone, including older adults and people with disabilities.

Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) are our most important means of achieving this.

From this ideal we (Javier Ganzarain – ICT and healthy ageing specialist and Willeke van Staalduinen – political scientist and health policy) founded AFEdemy, Academy on age-friendly environments in Europe at Gouda in 2017.

Since then we are working to build the capacity of each stakeholder at every geographical level to create smart healthy age-friendly environments in their community. Through collaboration with great partners in various Erasmus+ and H2020 projects and through paid assignments, we are able to realize our ideal more and more.

That is why we will continue. By working together, searching, realizing programs and working on our ideal.

We therefore also look forward to contacting you!

Thank you!

Willeke and Javier

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