In situ learning and close contact with realities complementing and enriching our knowledge, skills and interests!

The National Museum of Machado de Castro and Alzheimer Portugal, in representation of the European programme musEU which was awarded with the prize for Good Practices in Active and Healthy Ageing, in the category VIDA+, provided by Ageing@Coimbra and CCDRC, the study trip to San Sebastian, provided us with in situ learning and close contact with realities that complement and enrich our knowledge, skills and interests.

Of the quite positive balance of this trip we want to highlight:

  • the privilege of witnessing the effort and organisation of a region in the face of the challenges of active and healthy ageing. San Sebastian is the example of the union of the municipality with the community for the promotion of social and cultural initiatives directed with and for the elderly that improve the life of all the citizens.
  • gratitude by the organisation, both to the Portuguese entities – CCDRC and Ageing@Coimbra – and to AFEdemy, for human care and professional rigour in scheduling visits to top institutions, according to the competencies and interests of each winning project.

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