Adult education on digital, health and data literacy for citizen empowerment (TRIO)

Client / Funding programme:

Erasmus+, KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education 2021

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Start and end dates:
01-03-2022 – 01-06-2024

AFEdemy role in the project:

AFEdemy is responsible for the development of Project Result 1, a manual on digital, health and data literacy. Co-developing the curriculum, provide trainings in The Netherlands, networking activities and research.

☐ Coordination
Curriculum development
☐ e-Learning Platform
Policy recommendation
☐ Sustainability


The TRIO project aims to develop a concerted upskilling pathway to improve health, digital and data literacy of 3 different age-ranges (18-35; 36-50; 51+), promoting adult education through the development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity.

Literate citizens will have increased access to basic services as well as other forms of adult education, which also favours inclusion and diversity. TRIO will build on collaborative, experiential and interactive learning, based on the exploration and execution of small pilot actions in the five countries involved, using an educational platform to support the development of the competencies defined.


  • Increasing health, digital and data literacy of citizens through informal learning strategies and tools, including them in co-developing the knowledge and practices that promote inclusion, access to services and trusted decisions.
  • Broadening access to knowledge and user-friendly tools co-developed with the target groups to create a step-change in a concerted literacy approach for eHealth, via the usage of a digital platform.
  • Increasing capacity of adult educators to provide low-threshold and highly adaptable training on health, digital and data literacy, through the development of a training toolkit adjustable to online, presential and blended trainings.
  • Promote future sustainability and uptake of the TRIO tools and materials, by developing a set of recommendations to policy makers and relevant organisations.

AFE Related Topics

☐ Outdoor spaces and buildings
Social participation
☐ Transport and mobility
Social inclusion and non-discrimination
☐ Housing
Civic engagement and employment
Communication and information
Community and health services

Target audience

Citizens of all ages, staff and volunteers of municipalities, health care, social and community care, policy makers, international initiatives and networks.


Project coordinator:

  • INESC TEC, Portugal

Project partners:

  • SHINE 2Europe, LDA, Portugal
  • CETEM, Spain,
  • BOKTechnologies, Romania
  • ISIS, Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur GmbH, Germany
  • AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe BV, Netherlands

Main outcomes

  • PR1: Manual on digital, health and data literacy. The consortium will co-develop a manual and tools with experts and citizens, including interviews and testimonials from them across the five partner countries to create an integrated approach of the competences and skills on health, digital and data, empowering them to navigate in the eHealth world; formal and informal educators by providing them with organised content to share with the citizens; policy makers who will benefit from them to support improved person-centred health pathways. Different initiatives and groups will be engaged for dissemination, awareness raising and citizen education. All target groups will be engaged in the development of the results.
  • PR2: Educational platform TRIO. The consortium will develop an interactive learning platform to enhance health, digital and data literacy. It aims to create a simple and attractive interface that combines tools with training contents and gamification strategies to improve self-confidence, skills and knowledge on the 3 areas of work. These materials will be developed jointly with citizens from the primary target groups, to gain access to their experiences and views and test options for low threshold learning.
  • PR3: Toolkit for professionals and workshop methodology. A toolkit for professionals will be developed to accompany the learning platform and contains background knowledge and workshop concepts for the materials, being also a guide for adult educators.
  • PR4: Recommendations for policy-makers. A Green Paper with a set of policy recommendations will be develop to address different stakeholders – the EU, Member States, relevant organisations – but especially health care authorities and local / regional policy makers . It will embrace guidelines for action, background knowledge and further data for using the full TRIO materials at scale.


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