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European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, SC1-HCC-02-2019, Coordination & Support Action, under the Grant Agreement N0 875452

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Start and end dates:
01/2020 – 02/2022


AFEdemy role in the project:
Research partner, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) developing partner and lead of Work-Package WP5 INVOLVE

☐ Research
☐ Training
Curriculum development
e-Learning Platform
☐ Policy recommendation


Ageing presents one of the greatest socio-economic challenges of the 21st century. According to estimates more than 20% of Europeans will be 65 or older by 2025. Reacting to related puzzlements demographic shifts and ageing in general pose (for the future) and guaranteeing the availability of the required structure to help Europe utilise the active and healthy ageing sector’s opportunities, has taken on increasing significance. Against this background, the EU has devoted a high level of resources to ICT projects in the field of active and healthy ageing. Key European domain-related platforms are relevant to and serve as a basis for project’s work, here to mention universAAL and FIWARE. Besides the two mentioned platforms a considerable number of similar ones have been created and are operational on similar services within the same domain, either competing or complementing each-other, urging for more interoperability among them.

Responding to the numerous critical voices that have been raised due to the persisting fragmentation of the active and healthy ageing market and the lack of interoperability of the various solutions deployed or difficulties with the large scale uptake of the platforms by their targeted users, the aim of the project is to observe, analyse and understand the whole ecosystem of open service platforms and their related networks and depict a picture describing the whole ecosystem with its achievements and potentials targeting all user groups while also generating synergies among platforms and their related projects in the AHA and IoT domain. Within a period of 26 months the project will assess the societal impact of existing platforms, create monitoring and evaluation toolkits, collect successful user stories and best practices, promote interoperability and define guidelines for a common evolution of such platforms within existing policy frameworks and initiatives.


Assessing the state of the art and supporting an evidence-based uptake and evolution of open platforms in the Active and Healthy Ageing domain.Creation of an online information hub of all existing platforms and a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for promoting synergies, knowledge exchange and a common understanding among all stakeholders in the Active and Healthy Ageing market.To support these objectives, concretely, the work-package 5 INVOLVE, which AFEdemy is leading, aims to involve end-user communities and related stakeholders to initiate a knowledge exchange cycle for collecting insights on best practices and challenges of platforms’ uptake, evolution and costs, etc.

AFE Related topics

☐ Outdoor spaces and buildings
☐ Social participation
☐ Transport and mobility
☐ Social inclusion and non-discrimination
☐ Housing
☐ Civic engagement and employment
Communication and information
Community and health services

Target Audience

Developers, insurance companies and public authorities.


The project will run from January 2020 till February 2022 following this process:

IDENTIFY critical success factors of the development, deployment and spread of open platforms in the Active and Healthy Ageing Domain, through a sophisticated tailor-made monitoring methodology.

DEVELOP monitoring and self-evaluation tools to support platform providers and users self-assess their success, uptake, capability gaps and evolution potentials through smart assessment and visualisation tools.

ANALYSE existing platforms based on the created methodology, by assessing the projects and initiatives hosted by them, their further evolution, uptake, sustainability and socioeconomic benefits.

INVOLVE end-user communities and related stakeholders to initiate a knowledge exchange cycle for collecting insights on best practices and challenges of platforms’ uptake, evolution and costs etc.

LEVERAGE the platform uptake by their user communities as well as their continuous improvement and expansion, by elaborating and showcasing best-practice models and evaluation guidelines.

DISSEMINATE the acquired knowledge to end-users for increasing their uptake of existing platforms, and promote best practice models and identified benefits to foster future developments.



  • SYNYO GmbH | SYNYO (Austria)



  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche | ISTI (Italy)
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research | IDG (Germany)
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid | UPM (Spain)
  • Institute of Communication and Computer Systems | ICCS (Greece)
  • Jožef Stefan Institute | JSI (Slovenia)
  • AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments BV | AFE (Netherlands)
  • Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra | CDC (Portugal)
  • Linköpings Universitet | LIU (Sweden)
  • Universitat de les Illes Balears | UIB (Spain)
  • Stitching Smart Homes | SMH (Netherlands)
  • Etablissementsa Lievens Lanckman | LL (Belgium)


  • Overview of existing open platforms in the field of active and healthy ageing
  • Methodologies and tools for success, socio-economic benefits
  • Knowledge for platform providers and platform integrators
  • Online Hub –
  • Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)


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