GreenerAge – Climate-change and environmental literacy for urban citizens 55+

GreenerAge – Climate-change and environmental literacy for urban citizens 55+

Client / Funding programme:

Erasmus+ KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education 2021:

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Start and end dates:
01-12-2021 – 01-03-2024


AFEdemy role in the project:

AFEdemy will lead Policy Recommendations, bringing long-term experience with policy making at local, national and European level. This experience provides the necessary political and policy making sensitivity to provide recommendations that are understandable and realistic for policy officers.

SUSTAINABILITY is the capacity of the project to continue and to use its results beyond the end of the funding period to use and exploit them in the longer-term. The sustainability strategy of the GreenerAge project will be led by AFEdemy and a SUSTAINABILITY PLAN will be initiated at the beginning of the project.

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The EU is committed to a green transition towards a carbon neutral society by 2050. Durable changes in citizens’ behaviours towards more sustainable and healthier habits are needed to achieve this. A fundamental cultural shift and education is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of policies to create carbon neutral societies. While youngsters are possibly the most well positioned for such a transformation process due to the extended adoption of internet and social media, adults 55+ are harder to reach as they tend to have less internet access and fewer digital skills, knowledge and confidence. Moreover, most climate-related issues are far from many older adults’ awareness. Yet, many older adults are open to learn more and change their behaviour towards more environment-friendly patterns. Given that older adults make up a large proportion of the EU population, their participation in sustainable behaviours is crucial to achieve a green transition.

Hence, the GreenerAge project will co-create targeted interventions that tackle climate change literacy and environmental training and awareness while also increasing digital literacy skills and confidence through a gamified digital platform. The use of playful digital tools can be an effective means to address societal challenges and provoke change in the target group, aiming to incite improvements in lifestyles and consumption decisions that secure a higher quality of life and protect the environment. Older adults will for example learn to lower their carbon footprint, opt for sustainable food and mobility choices, reduce energy use and waste.

Overall, the project will meet the need for information about everyday environment- and climate-friendly actions, through accessible and inclusive digital communication and technology tools that also meets the need to increase the digital literacy of older adults through unique and especially developed virtual activities in learning and cooperation.


  • The GREENERAGE – CLIMATE-CHANGE AND ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY FOR URBAN CITIZENS 55+ project will promote environmental literacy and behaviour change, while also aiming at enhancing digital skills and competence development in the target group (55+ adults) through the development of a digital gamification platform as a playful literacy tool.

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Target group

Adults Citizens 55+



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