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Start date: May 2023

AFEdemy role in the EURAHL Coalition:

Curriculum development
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AFEdemy is one of the founding members of the EURAHL | European Coalition for Active and Healthy Living, which aims to strengthen connections, promote synergies and bring together the voices of European Networks working in the field of Active and Healthy Living.

To do that, it gathers a group of associations representing stakeholders active in the broader European Active and Healthy Living (AHL) arena, which include SHINE and AFEdemy, as promotors of the SHAFE Foundation (Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments) and Coordinators of the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly.

Integrating EURAHL, we will advocate for solutions and environments that include, adapt, grow, and respond to the personal needs of people of any age or condition.


The main goals of the EURAHL Coalition are:

  1. Bringing together all the relevant networks and associations with an interest in active and healthy living to influence and inform the development of AHL policies and actions at European, national, and regional levels.
  2. Developing stakeholders’ understanding of active and healthy living and the role played by the different EURAHL partner associations.
  3. Promoting the concept of active and healthy living and collaborative initiatives among the networks and associations engaged in the Coalition.
  4. Developing synergies and collaborations across networks and associations to ensure greater harmonisation of AHL activities and initiatives.
  5. Signposting and access to the resources and expertise of the Partner networks.

These goals are completely aligned with the concept behind the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly and the SHAFE Foundation, founding members of this European Coalition that were initially launched in 2022 in the framework of the activities of the EU-funded project IN-4-AHA.

EURAHL Core Partners

We welcome additional associations to the Coalition that share our mission, aims and goals. Join the founding Coalition members and start to focus on strengthening the work done in European active and healthy living.

Therefore, have a look at the EURAHL activities on Futurium and register to the Futurium group called Active and Healthy Living in the Digital World.

If you want to know more about EURAHL, in AFEdemy you can contact Willeke van Staalduinen | 

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