Thematic Network SHAFE

SHAFE aims to develop the main aspects of Age-Friendly Environments – Places and People – in the creation of eHealth and mHealth solutions, especially focused on quality and costs.


If people should age at their own homes, how to align technological development with the building industry for smart environments in terms of POLICY and FUNDING, enhancing a more efficient health care system that may add better quality for less investment?

Key is alignment!

SHAFE intends to create a high-level policy alignment of different networks and initiatives towards HEALTH IN AGEING.


  • Produce a Joint Statement 2018 that summarizes a common position on Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments, priorities for policy making and recommendations beyond 2020, aiming at a White Paper in 2019.
  • Provide a forum to exchange policy priorities and technical expertise on AFE and eHealth/mHealth;
  • Inform the Commission and Member States on knowledge/expertise available in stakeholder community about challenges, solutions and best practices;
  • Bring better local practices already implemented by Local and Regional Authorities that have been identified in the EIP-AHA for twinning or scaling-up and collect lessons learned towards policy drawing;
  • Promote common principles as person-centred interventions, protection of personal data, standardisation, interoperability, data-enabled research, personalised medicine, quadruple helix.



Leading organisation: Cáritas Coimbra – with close support from AFEdemy, Ltd.


Stakeholders endorsement process:

  1. SHAFE Thematic Network coordinators and lead partners
  2. Contributors from C2/D4 groups EIP-AHA – collaborative work with 29 members
  3. Contributors from members of the networks that are partners in the SHAFE TN – webinar September
  4. Broad dissemination in events – Manchester meeting, Digital Assembly 2018, AAL Forum, etc.
  5. After November (HPP annual meeting) – open consultation for broader endorsement


Current partners (April 2018):

  1. Contributors from C2/D4 groups of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) – collaborative work with 29 members
  2. Contributors from members of the networks that are partners in the TN – webinar September
  3. Broad dissemination in events – Manchester AG D4 face-to-face meeting, Digital Assembly 2018, AAL Forum 2018, etc.
  4. After November 2018 (HPP annual meeting) – open consultation for broader endorsement
  5. European Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC)
  6. European Covenant on Demographic Change
  7. Eurocities
  8. European Framework for Age-Friendly Housing (Utrecht University)
  9. European Centre Social Welfare Policy
  10. ECHAlliance
  11. European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL)
  12. Reference Sites Collaborative Network

Besides this more restricted group of partners, the coordinating organisations intend to start the development of the joint statement with extra literature study on current proven outcomes of eHealth and mHealth for patients with chronic diseases and impairments, perform personal interviews with leading smart health opinion leaders and a survey on eHealth and mHealth practices that will circulate in several European networks.

The first draft of the Joint Statement will be send for comments to the members of all the networks described above for broader inputs and then revised towards the final version by the TN representatives’ team.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of the Thematic Network SHAFE 2018, or are willing to endorse the Joint Statement , please contact:

Carina Dantas

Willeke van Staalduinen