Our aim is to support and increase the capacity of national, regional, local and community stakeholders to design, implement and monitor age-friendly environments policies, practices, places and programmes.

Services we deliver

We offer customized services depending on the customer’s profile:
  • To inspiring examples of age-friendly design and architecture in Europe.

  • On the efficiency and efficacy of ICT and age-friendly technology and involvement of older people, the community and multi-sectorial teams.

  • For workers at local and community levels.

  • New ways of collaboration/partnership for AfE programmes including, innovative financing and sustainability.

  • Regarding design and innovation management issues, change management issues, as well as business, financing, market and communication (to increase awareness) issues.

  • Advice and guidance on undertaking impact analyses for economic, environmental and societal costs and benefits.

  • Development of indicators, guidelines and standards to support the designing and decision-making process.

In cooperation

AFEdemy is able to grow and deliver these services in close cooperation with partners who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. For example:

  • local and regional authorities that are already experienced on developing age-friendly environments
  • universities and research centres to give advice and jointly develop guidelines and standards and sharing research results and outcomes on age-friendly environments
  • older people organisations to give advice and sharing good practices and lessons learned


If you are interested in our services or collaborating with us, please contact us.