• Thematic Network SHAFE 2018

    SHAFE (Smart Health Age-Friendly Environments) aims to develop the main aspects of Age-Friendly Environments – Places and People – in the creation of eHealth and mHealth solutions, especially focused on quality and costs.
  • Study tours

    Study tours

    AFEdemy offers study tours to inspiring examples of age-friendly design and architecture in Europe
  • Courses


    AFEdemy offers courses on the efficiency and efficacy of ICT and age-friendly technology and involvement of older people, the community and multi-sectorial teams
  • Impact assessment

    Impact assessment

    AFEdemy offers advice and guidance on undertaking impact analyses for economic, environmental and societal costs and benefits.
  • Support and coaching

    Support and coaching

    AFEdemy offers support and coaching regarding design and innovation management issues, change management issues, as well as business, financing, market and communication (to increase awareness) issues
  • International co-operaton and exchange programmes

    International co-operaton and exchange programmes

    AFEdemy offers new ways of collaboration/partnership for AfE programmes including, innovative financing and sustainability. For workers at local and community level.
  • Indicators, guidelines and standards

    Indicators, guidelines and standards

    AFEdemy offers the development of indicators, guidelines and standards to support the designing and decision-making process.

Age-Friendly Environments

Age-friendly environments, or more specific, smart healthy age-friendly environments, promote independent living, digitalization, social inclusion, and more health and wellbeing. AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments BV, focuses on the implementation of smart healthy age-friendly environments at local, regional or national level in European countries.

AFEdemy provides research, trainings, advice, public relations and networking activities to citizens, municipalities, companies and research. AFEdemy is involved in (European) projects and makes use of its own long term experiences with health, politics and IT-solutions to offer tailor made services on demand.

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Our core services

In order to address the wide range of aspects of smart healthy age-friendly environments, AFEdemy makes use of its own long-term experiences with health, politics, age-friendly environments and IT solutions in close cooperation with universities, research centres, advocacy organisations and businesses who act as guest-trainers to provide the following services:

While AFEdemy will package a set of foundational services, most of the services will be specifically tailored to address the needs of individual clients/participants.





Our Co-Founders


Javier Ganzarain

Co-Founder javier[at]afedemy.eu

Willeke van Staalduinen

Co-Founder willeke[at]afedemy.eu