Hands-on training and tools on Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments

Client / Funding programme:
Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
Hands-on training and tools on Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments n° 2019-1-NL01-KA204-060243

AFEdemy role:
Coordinator, research and online tools developing partner

Start and end dates:
09/2019 – 12/2022

Website: www.hands-on-shafe.eu (in construction)

Willeke van Staalduinen 
Javier Ganzarain

  • Since September 2019, AFEdemy is coordinator of the Erasmus+ project “Hands-on training and tools on smart healthy  age-friendly environments (Hands-on SHAFE)”.

    The project aims to develop Smart, Healthy and Built environments learning experiences to foster social inclusion and independent living. The project also enables adults to learn how to become an entrepreneur in SHAFE services or products. 

  • The overall expected outcomes of the Erasmus+ Hands-on SHAFE project are:

    • The improvement of the smart, physical and social environments at local level to foster social inclusion for all,
    • The improved empowerment of people with low skills or low qualifications who work at local level or act as volunteer for their parents, family or neighbourhoods and
    • To increase the opportunities for them to become a social entrepreneur.
  • ☒ Outdoor spaces and buildings
    ☒ Social participation
    ☒ Transport and mobility
    ☒ Social inclusion and non-discrimination
    ☒ Housing
    ☒ Civic engagement and employment
    ☒ Communication and information
    ☒ Community and health services

  • All adult learners are targeted, including adults with lower skills or low-qualifications.

  • The project will run from September 2019 till September 2022.

    During the project, partners will organise 12 national multiplier events to demonstrate the (draft) working of the training modules and tools.

    In June 2022 the closing international multiplier will take place in Coimbra, Portugal.


    • (Coordinator) AFEdemy: Willeke van Staalduinen, Javier Ganzarain and Kimberly Seibel
    • Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra: Carina Dantas and Flávia Rodrigues

    • ISIS GmbH: Karin Stiehr and Jesper Schulze

    • TU Dublin: Damon Berry, John McGregory, Paula Kelly, Matteo Zallio and Charlie Pritchard

    • Politechnika Warszawa: Agnieszka Ciesla and Marianna Ulanicka

    • Airelle Corrèze: Miriam Guzy and Sonny Renaux



    AGE Platform Europe, the Hamburg Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection, International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth, Tecnalia, Municipalities of Warsaw, The Hague and Gouda, Enable Ireland, Seniors Initiative Kaunas Lithuania, ECHAlliance, Campania Region, Covenant on Demographic Change, Autonom’ Lab, An Siol Community Development Project Cabra.